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Artist | Student | Literature
Born in St. Hyancinthe, Quebec.
Just now beginning College, and my goal is to be a history professor.
Specialties in my Historical Studies include, Political, Labour, European, Canadian, Quebecois, Geneology, and Heraldry.
I am a Trotskyist, with official membership within the International Marxist Tendency, with sympathies towards more libertarian stands of Marxism.
My Inspirations include Machiavelli, DeLeon, Saint-Just, Gramsci, Camus, Orwell, Castro, Che, Trotsky, Chartrand, and Castoriadis.
*And by sale I mean by request
Ladies, Gentlemen, and ever variation thereof, in an attempt to jumpstart my writing, I am allowing you to request topics to be written.
This is to overcome my long strenuous writers bloc, and to become reinvigorated within DA.

Topics can be of any shade or colour! Historical, political, philosophical, or even just random questions! if you just want a rant, a comedy sketch, or even prose, I will be willing to give it a try.

However, Be Warned That I do reserve the right to ignore certain requests due to either inability to complete it or if they are distasteful.

I have to give a small thanks :icongambargin: Gambargin for his anniversary games and for his sketch, of which I have used as my new Icon. His activities have in large part helped me to try and return to activity here in DA.

I cannot wait to see what comes of this!


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Thank you for the watch, I hope you like my new artwork.
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I certainly love the grim-dark style XD

OH! A thought came to mind. 

Have you considered maybe, on your other account, of doing Warhammer  Fantasy and 40k warrior women?
gambarginaa Featured By Owner May 30, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Warhammer Series? I like the 40k one. I'd go with the orks if you ask me, but sisters of battle can be included.
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